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    Bat Cave Brooch
This one -of-a-kind brooch features an exceptional piece of museum quality Fairfield Variscite from the Little Green Monster Mine, Clay Canyon, Utah. Mining at this prolific locale was depleted by the late 1930's and the rough material is hard to find. The Variscite set in a sterling silver bezel is complemented by hematite with quartz crystal inclusion and trillion cut sapphire set in 22k gold bezels. The bats and crystals are hand carved and cast out of sterling silver and 14k gold. All are soldered to a sterling silver back which depicts the fallen timbers of a mine where bats hibernate for the winter. Freshwater stick pearls adorn the bottom of the pin, reminiscent of mineral formations in mines and caves. This brooch can be worn as a pin or pendant. Measures 3.75" x 3.25".

    Great Crested Flycatcher Brooch
This square shaped Dendritic agate is framed in 14k gold and the pear shaped citrine is bezel set in 22k gold with a freshwater pearl drop. The other metals include a 14k rose gold, hand carved and cast Great Crested Flycatcher, 14k green and 18k yellow grasses and sterling pierced and textured pin base. This one-of-a-kind brooch can be worn as a pin or necklace. The back depicts the woodlands of the Great Crested Flycatcher. A snakeskin is often found in its nest-a curious practice. Measures 3.0" x 1.25".

    Desert Landscape Brooch
The subtle beauty of the heart shaped Willow Creek Jasper set in a 14k gold bezel is like that of a desert landscape, obscure in its life forces and disguised by extreme heat. The sterling silver pin back and hand sawn appliqués adorn the stone. A square cut pink tourmaline is set in a 22k gold bezel. Matching earrings available. Measures 1.65" x 1.65".

    Great Horned Owl Pin
The great horned owl, master hunter of the night forest, is hand carved and cast of sterling silver. Its perch, a sterling silver branch, is soldered to a copper tree trunk that has been formed and textured from a copper sheet. Measures 1.7" X .85".

    Tree Frog Pin
A 14k green gold tree frog is carved, cast and then soldered to a white oak leaf. This copper leaf is hand sawn and formed. Measures 1.3" x .6".

    Stump Pin
The copper stump is sawn and formed from a sheet. A Pileated Woodpecker and White Oak leaves are handcarved and cast in sterling. Measures 1.0" x 1.25".

    Den Tree Pin
The copper den tree is hand formed, fabricated and textured. Sterling silver woodpecker and tree branch are hand carved and cast. Measures 1.75" x 1.0".

    Pine Snake Pin
Two sawn and formed copper White Oak leaves adorn the hand carved and cast sterling Pine Snake. Measures .75" x 1.6".

    Turtle Pond Pin
Sterling turtle and cattails are hand carved and cast. They are soldered to a copper log which has been sawn, formed and textured from a sheet. Measures .6" x 1.2".

    Taxidermy Trout Pin
Pierced and textured copper log slab with a hand carved and cast sterling trout. The sterling daredevil lure is fabricated. Custom order with your personal lake, river or stream name. Please e-mail. Measures 1.8" x 2.2".